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ALL SIDES TO AN OVAL. Properties, Parameters and Borromini's mysterious Construction

“The book is an original, interesting and opportune contribution to an area not contemplated in geometry courses. “ (U. D'Ambrosio, Mathematical Reviews Clippings, Aprile 2018)

“Angelo Mazzotti’s All Sides to an Oval addresses a fundamental subject for architects, civil engineers and mathematicians involved in designing oval forms or analysing existing ones. The book contains a comprehensive collection of geometrical constructions and mathematical equations on the properties of ovals, the main parameters for managing them, and two case studies of actual built oval forms. In addition, the author poses some new geometrical constructions. A book of this kind on this subject was necessary since only some partial expositions have been previously published. All sections are illustrated with clear drawings that permit an easy understanding. Mazzotti’s training in mathematics and geometry gives him the best skills to carry out this work. [ ] Angelo Mazzotti’s All Sides to an Oval is a fundamental book for anyone working with oval forms from the point of view of the geometric control of the shapes.” (Ana López-Mozo, recensione in Nexus Netw J (2018) 20:303–304)

“Everything is clearly explained and the many illustrations produced with geogebra are crystal clear. It might however be interesting to have a look at the associated website where you find links to YouTube videos showing animated geogebra constructions. […] For the mathematician, it is invaluable because it brings together so much information that was either not known or never written down or if it was, then at least it was scattered in diverse publications." (Adhemar Bultheel, European Mathematical Society,, Marzo 2017)

"This interesting book deals with surprising properties of polycentric ovals and applications. [...] The text and the figures are very readable. The historical remarks and the fields of applications are interesting. The book is enjoyable not only for mathematicians." (Agota H. Temesvari, zbMATH, 2017)

"Angelo Alessandro Mazzotti, professeur à ITC Di Vittorio à Rome, leur a consacré cette étude exhaustive, avec de très nombreuses figures et illustrationsè[...] Nous avons particulièrement apprécié le catalogue des ovales à quatre centres les plus remarquables, utilisés dans l’architecture aux XVIème et XVIIème siècles. Ce livre intéressera également les amateurs d’architecture classique car il comporte des descriptions très complètes des ovales de Borromée du dome de l’église Saint-Charles-aux-quatre-fontaines à Rome, ou encore des ovales figurant dans le plan du Colysée.” (dal libro Fous de codes (Secrets) di Mark Frary, Flammerion Ed., 2018)